Reasons To Sell: Tired Landlord

The decision to sell a home as a landlord can be tough. You may be moving, want to free up some cash or possibly, you are just tired of being a landlord and become a tired landlord and don’t want to take care of the property anymore. If you’re tired of being a landlord and would like your house sold quickly and for more than what you originally paid, then contact us, we’ll buy your property. Selling your property can be a great opportunity for you to get ahead financially while freeing up time in your schedule.

Reasons Why a Homeowner and Investors May Become Tired of Being a Landlord:

There are many reasons why a homeowner may become a tired landlord.

  • Having to deal with difficult tenants 
  • Tenants who do not take care of the property
  • Tenants make permanent changes to the property without informing you first
  • Rental property does not provide steady cash flow

How to Sell Your House When You Are Tired of Being a Landlord

If your goal is to sell the house quickly, then act fast. Sell it yourself or find a realtor who will handle everything for you. Act First Properties will buy your property without any hassle ever! The fastest way? Sell to them and avoid costly realtor fees.

How fast can I expect to sell my house?

This is a tough question to answer as there are many variables that will affect the speed at which you sell your house via a realtor.

  • Age of House: Houses that are older take longer to sell than newer houses. 
  • Rooms: The more bedrooms and bathrooms a house has, the longer it may take to sell due to fewer people looking for those properties. 
  • Location: Houses in higher-priced areas will usually take longer than houses in lower-priced areas. 
  • Financing Situation: A buyer’s ability and willingness to close on your terms quickly will impact how fast or long it takes you to find a buyer during their offer shopping period. 
  • Price Points: If you’re above the market, it could be difficult for potential buyers because they won’t see any justification.

Is Seller Financing an Option?

If you have owned a rental house for many years and the value has gone way up and you decide you are done with tenants. Good news you don’t have to be finished with real estate investing. Become the bank and let Act deal with the headaches. 

Steady monthly income with a set amount every month and no need to worry about repairs or vacancies through seller financing.

First of all, let me cover what Seller Financing is: Owner financing, also referred to as seller financing, is a method of financing a property in which the owner of the property holds the buyer’s loan. Owner financing can also be called seller financing, seller carryback financing or seller carryback (because the owner “carries back,” or holds, the financing). It works like bank financing, but the buyer repays the seller by making monthly payments over an agreed-upon period with a specified interest rate and terms. Seller financing is commonly used by investors to buy or sell properties

Owner financing can be beneficial for a buyer or a seller. A seller may offer owner financing to reduce capital gains taxes from selling the property, especially when the seller owns the property free and clear. A seller-financed loan breaks up the gains over a period of time.

Some investors offer financing on properties when they’re ready to retire to reduce taxes and create residual income. If the buyer performs on the loan as agreed, the seller has created a passive income stream for many years.

Owner financing may also be a good option if the seller has trouble selling the property because it doesn’t qualify for financing from a bank. With seller financing, you retain the 1st lien on the property, so you can foreclose on the house if the buyer stops paying for whatever reason. 

Oftentimes, we can even offer more for your home using owner financing because we don’t have to spend money on bank financing! This gives us more ways to negotiate. Do you want a certain amount every month? A price in your mind that you want for your house? An interest rate that you would like for being the bank? A downpayment to spend towards whatever you see fit?

Not sure what to do with your nest egg? Don’t trust the stock market? With owner financing we can look at every option and work out what works best for you and Act First.

Why choose Act First:

Act First Properties is a buying agency which buys houses from homeowners and landlords to save them hassle and heartache.

There are a lot of reasons to sell your property, but selling your home can be a project in and of itself. By selling your house through our quick process, we help you eliminate the work -– fast! There are no last minute changes or surprises along the way.

Want to sell your house in Tuscaloosa, AL fast?

Whether you are trying to avoid foreclosure, facing divorce, moving, upside down in your mortgage or have a lien on a property, call us to get a fair cash offer and close when you are ready to sell.